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Learning Hub Spotlight: Meet the Creators

The Argument-Driven Inquiry team develops equitable STEM education opportunities from a teacher-first mindset. Experienced classroom teachers are in all departments of the ADI team. Additionally, team members taught at the elementary and secondary levels during the pandemic.

Like you, the ADI team experienced the pandemic from a teacher’s point of view. We merged our collective experiences with the needs of our students to build a resource for engaging and rigorous investigations.

Ultimately, we created an online education platform for in-person, hybrid, or remote settings called the Learning Hub.


The Learning Hub Supports All Teachers

Discussions about our teaching experiences highlighted a need to address student engagement, as that’s a challenge for every educator. We also unveiled a need for solutions to ease the growing demands on teachers. Therefore, we built the Learning Hub to support teachers of every level:

  • Guided Lessons
  • Navigate through each lesson smoothly using built-in teacher notes.
  • Standard Alignment
  • Guarantee quality education by meeting state and national standards.
  • Ease of Use
  • Find and sort lessons by grade bands, disciplines, and core ideas.

The Learning Hub Tackles your Biggest Teaching Challenges

Our collective teaching experiences illuminated common difficulties for educators. We designed the Learning Hub with several solutions in mind:

  • Non-Working Copier/Printer
  • No worries. No physical copies are needed. Use the Learning Hub and student devices or science notebooks to complete the investigations. No paper copies are required.
  • Piles of grading
  • No more. Although you can take grades for investigations, the Learning Hub dashboard is built to focus on student progress and their growth overtime. Here’s a great article about shifting your classroom to an “ungrading” feedback system.
  • Limited budget
  • No problem. Many of our Learning Hub investigations require no materials beyond the Learning Hub subscription.
  • And more!

Find out how the Learning Hub can help you save time and engage students more efficiently. Zero obligation. Zero risk.

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