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Watch these videos to learn more about the Argument-Driven Inquiry model as well as hints and tricks for implementing ADI into your classroom.

Overview of the ADI Instructional Model

The Updated ADI Stages

ADI Stage 1 - Task - Overview

ADI Stage 2 - Ideas - Overview

ADI Stage 3 - Plan - Overview

ADI Stage 4 - Do - Overview

ADI Stage 5 - Share - Overview

ADI Stage 6 - Reflect - Overview

ADI Stage 7 - Report - Overview

Examples of ADI in the Classroom

Stage 1 - Task - See it in Action

Stage 2 - Ideas - See it in Action

Stage 3 - Plan - See it in Action

Stage 4 - Do - See it in Action

Stage 5 - Share - See it in Action

Stage 6 - Reflect - See it in Action

Stage 7 - Report - See it in Action

Argumentation Session, 7th Graders

Argumentation Session, 4th Graders

Teaching with ADI

Teaching with ADI - Idea Stage Reading Scaffolds

Teaching With ADI - 5 Ways to use the Learning Hub


Evidence Vs Justification

Creating Investigation Proposals

Organization with ADI Lanyards

Discuss with Talk Moves Table Tents

Using the Annotating Text Poster

Using the Ground Rules for Critique

Improving Students' Argument Boards

Helpful Materials and Resources

Teacher Question Cards


ADI Learning Hub Overview