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Argument-Driven Inquiry

Make science, math, and engineering education in your district or school more meaningful, rigorous, and equitable for all students.

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In-Person Facilitator Institute

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Upcoming Workshops

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What makes Argument-Driven Inquiry so great?

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High-Quality Instructional Materials

We create all our materials using the Argument-Driven Inquiry instructional model. This instructional model was designed and tested through classroom-based research and then refined over time based on feedback from teachers and students.

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The Argument-Driven Inquiry Learning Hub

The Learning Hub is a browser-based application built for teachers and students. Teachers can assign investigations to a class. Students then collaborate with other students as they complete an investigation in remote, hybrid, or in-person contexts.

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Outstanding Professional Learning Experiences

Teachers participate in the same rich, inquiry-based investigations that we want students to experience. We then encourage them to rethink what's possible and work together to develop a plan for creating rigorous and equitable learning experiences.

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The ADI Learning Hub

The ADI Learning Hub is a browser-based application for teachers and students. This application can be used for in-person, remote, or hybrid instruction. At the core of the ADI Learning Hub are investigations that give students an opportunity to use the core ideas and practices of science and mathematics to figure out how or why phenomena happen in the world around them.

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Our Programs

Our programs include instructional materials, classroom resources, and professional learning opportunities for teachers. All of our instructional materials give students in grades 3-12 a chance to learn how to use the core ideas and practices of science, mathematics, or engineering to figure out how or why something happens, or to design a solution to a problem that will help make the world a better place.



Each science investigation gives students a chance to interact with their peers as they make sense of a natural phenomenon. All of our science investigations are available in the ADI Learning Hub.

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Each math investigation encourages students to become knowledgeable, flexible, and resourceful mathematical thinkers. All of our math investigations are available in the ADI Learning Hub.

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Each design challenge requires students to use ideas and practices from multiple disciplines to develop a solution to a problem. Our design challenges will be available soon.

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Who is using ADI?

Districts across the United States are using the ADI way of teaching to help students not only become proficient in science, math, and engineering but also develop their disciplinary-based literacy skills at the same time. Below are some of the school districts that are using one or more of our programs.

  • 95,000+ Teachers
  • 13,000,000+ Students

What do teachers think about ADI?

"I love the ADI model. It's been so inspiring for my science teaching. It's given me a framework to do what I've known I wanted to do with science teaching all along!"

-7th Grade Science Teacher in Atlanta, Georgia


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The Argument-Driven Inquiry way of teaching was developed through several research studies that were carried out by educational researchers, scientists, mathematicians, and engineers who work at Florida State University and the University of Texas at Austin and then tested in hundreds of classrooms inside and outside the United States.



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