Learning Hub Spotlight: Immersive Reader

Accommodating the needs of every learner is a common challenge for teachers, especially with growing class sizes. We developed the Learning Hub’s Immersive Reader to offer personalized reading support for all students.

Some built-in features include:

  • Translation for English Language Learners
  • Text and contrast options for visual support
  • Customizable line focus for text chunking
  • Adjustable narration speed for audio processing

We invite you to explore these and other features in our interactive demo or keep reading to see screenshots of the Immersive Reader.

Visual Dictionary

Clicking on a word within the Immersive Reader generates a visual picture.

Text Preferences

The text preferences menu allows for resizing text, adjusting line spacing, changing fonts, and applying themes to contrast the text and the background.

Line Focus

The line-reading preferences menu allows readers to focus on one, three, or five lines of text. The Immersive Reader can also translate text from more than 100 languages, which readers can use for individual words or whole documents.


The Immersive Reader can read aloud with easy-to-use audio controls. The speaker icon adjusts the speed at which the text is read aloud. Choose your text, reading, and voice options; then click the play button to use this feature.

Do you want to learn about other ways the Learning Hub and Immersive Reader can support your students? Connect with an ADI team member.