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We put Summer Engineering Camp in a BOX!

Engineering Camp in a Box lets teachers facilitate STEM learning with engaging team-building activities. Your students will be actively engaged from the start as they build camaraderie and take on innovative design challenges that give them the knowledge and skills to explore science, math, and engineering principles.

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Research-Based & Standards Aligned

We use the Argument-Driven Engineering instructional model to create all our design challenges. This way of teaching was developed and tested through classroom-based research and then refined over time based on feedback from teachers. We also align each design challenge with national and state standards in science, engineering, and mathematics so teachers can make informed decisions about when and how to use them.

“My students were so engaged throughout the ADI STEM Camp! It was a great experience and everyone walked away having learned something! Thank you so much!”

—Engineering Camp Teacher, Fort Bend, AR, USA

Keep your After-School Program Engaging All Year Long

Perfect for after-school programs, Engineering Camp in a Box offers high-quality instructional materials with targeted academic support and engaging activities that align with student interests. Plus, our family engagement resources make it easy to involve parents and guardians in the learning process. You can even use Nita M. Lowey 21st CCLC federal funding to provide academic and enrichment opportunities for your students. Join us today and make learning fun!

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Pre-Packed Preperation for Teachers

Before starting Engineering Camp, teachers can take the self-paced online training to learn about the ADI Instructional Model, the specific design challenges, and how to smoothly run an Engineering Camp for 24 to 1000+ students.

The self-paced courses contain helpful videos and tips for setting up a successful Engineering Camp. Easily access agendas, handouts, and even flyers online.

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Engaging Engineering for Students

In One Day of Engineering Camp, students will...

  • Participate in short, engaging collaborative challenges that build camaraderie
  • Collaborate and work through a full design challenge using science, math, and engineering principles with their groups

  • See how they can build something that makes the world a better place

  • Solve short and challenging puzzles to develop problem-solving and collaboration skills while recharging from the rigors of the design challenge

  • Reflect on their design choices and their outcomes
  • Use the power of reflection as high-functioning, empathetic members of society

“The best part about camp this week was that I was able to build a highway safety barrier and I never knew that was thing until Tuesday at STEM Camp.”

—8th Grade Engineering Camp Student

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