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Teacher Features in the ADI Learning Hub

The ADI Learning Hub gives students an opportunity to complete investigations that require them to use the core ideas and practices of science or math to make sense of the world. Here are a few helpful features built into the ADI Learning Hub that teachers can use to support student learning over time.

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Keep track of what students are doing during an investigation using the intuitive dashboard

The ADI Learning Hub includes a user-friendly teacher dashboard. Teachers can use this dashboard to monitor student progress during an investigation, change due dates or prerequisites for specific stages when needed, and send messages to individual students or announcements to the entire class. Teachers can also view or grade submissions and keeping track of student performance on multiple investigations during the year from this dashboard.

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Select a math or science investigation from a library of pre-made options and then assign it to a class

The ADI Learning hub includes a library of over 150 math and science investigations with more being added each week. Teachers can search the library for the exact investigation they need by grade level, discipline, and core ideas. Teachers can also preview an investigation before assigning it to a class. There is no limit on how many investigations a teacher can assign to each class.


Toggle between in-person and remote instruction as needed before or during an investigation

Teachers can pick which stages within an investigation will be done in-person and which ones will be done remotely in the ADI Learning Hub. An entire investigation can be set to be done completely at home, completely at school, or as a mix of remote and in-person before it starts. Teachers can also switch a stage from in-person to remote or remote to in-person after the investigation starts. This feature makes it easy to change plans based on what happens during class or if there is a sudden change in the daily schedule.


Add all your students to a class by dragging and dropping a single file or by adding them manually

It is easy for teachers to add their students to a class within the ADI Learning Hub. Simply create a class and then upload a CSV file with the names and email addresses of the students enrolled in that class. The students will then receive an invite to join by email. Teachers can also manually add individual students when needed.


Assign students to a group for an investigation and then rearrange the groups as needed

Teachers can assign students to a group within a class before an investigation begins. Once the groups are assigned, students can interact with the other students in their group during the stages of the investigation when they are trying to figure something out. The app will then automatically assign them work created by a student outside their group during the stages that call for peer feedback or peer review. Teachers can also move a student from one group to another at any time.


Download all the handouts that students need for in-person instruction from the dashboard 

Students can complete the investigations in the ADI Learning Hub remote or in-person. Teachers can download the handouts and any other files (such as a spreadsheet with data to analyze) that students will need for in-person instruction during an investigation from the investigation dashboard. This features makes it easy to keep track of all the different files that are associated with an investigation.

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View and edit the comments that students make in the Collaboration Board

Students can post comments in response to a video, picture or question, reply to or “like” comments posted by members of their group, and flag inappropriate comments that they want their teacher to see in a Collaboration Board. Teachers can see these comments, replies, and likes from the investigation dashboard. The ADI Learning Hub also notifies the teacher when a student flags a comment. The teacher can then delete comments as needed.


View and the grade the reports written by each student using a built in rubric 

The reports that students write during the last stage of an investigation is a great way for teachers to determine if students know and can use specific core ideas and practices. Teachers can view and grade the final reports after students submit them using the rubric that is built into the ADI Learning Hub. These rubrics match the peer review guides that students use during the investigation so students know how they will be evaluated at the end of the investigation before they submit their final report. The final report score is added to the student dashboard so the teacher can monitor students improvement throughout the school year.


View teacher notes and teaching tips for each activity by simply clicking on an icon

All the investigations in the ADI Learning Hub include teacher notes and teaching tips for teachers. The teacher notes are short lesson plans and the teaching tips are hints or suggestions about ways to promote and support student learning during a stage. The teacher notes are found at the beginning of each stage of an investigation so teachers can quickly see what they need to do right before they start a new set of activities. Teaching tips are embedded into the activities within a stage so they are easy to access when teachers need them the most.

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Decide if students will use hands-on materials or a simulation during an investigation

Students must collect information about a phenomenon and then make sense of that information during each ADI investigation. With the ADI Learning Hub, teachers can decide if they want their students to use an online simulation or hands-on materials to collect the information they need. This feature makes it possible for students to do an entire investigation at home. When choosing simulations, teachers do not have to purchase hands-on materials before they start an investigation.

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