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Features for Organizations in the ADI Learning Hub

Districts and schools can purchase subscriptions to the ADI Learning Hub for teachers to use in their classroom. Below are a few helpful features built into the ADI Learning Hub for organizations and administrators.

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No extra hardware or software is needed to get started using the ADI Learning Hub

The ADI Learning hub is a browser-based application that runs on Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. Districts or schools do not have to purchase any additional hardware or software to start using it. Teachers and students can use a computer (PC, Mac, and Chromebook), tablet (iOS and Android), or phone (iOS and Android) to access the application. The ADI Learning Hub can be integrated with Single Sign-On services (such as Classlink or Clever) for an additional fee if requested.

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The ADI Learning Hub includes a subscription management system for district administrators

The ADI Learning Hub includes a subscription management system so the subscriptions purchased by a district or school can be assigned to specific teachers at the beginning of the school year and then reassigned to different teachers as needed. The ADI Learning Hub also includes controls to ensure that the allowed number of users within a district or school does not exceed the maximum number of subscriptions purchased by the district or school.


The ADI Learning Hub is safe for all users

We take privacy seriously. The ADI Learning Hub is FERPA, COPPA, CSPC, and GPDR compliant. Students and teachers cannot create an account without an invite and a district or school email address. In addition, all ADI Learning Hub administrator accounts have elevated access to protected data and meet strict password requirements. Finally, passwords and data transmitted through browsers are encrypted in transit using the TLS 1.2 protocol or greater.


All the investigations in the ADI Learning Hub are aligned with national and state standards

All the investigations in the ADI Learning Hub library are aligned with national and state standards. Teachers can search the library by grade, discipline, and core idea and then see which standards are aligned with an investigation before they assign it to a class. This feature makes it easy for teachers to plan and provide standards-based instruction for their students.


The ADI Learning Hub ensures that remote instruction is meaningful, rigorous, and equitable for all

The ADI Learning Hub can be used for distance, in-person, or hybrid instruction. This application makes it easy to give all students the same meaningful, rigorous, and equitable learning experiences even when some students are not able to attend class at a school campus for an extended period of time or are enrolled in a distance learning course.


Bundle the ADI Learning Hub with our other products and services to start the school year off right

We offer many different types of professional learning experiences for teachers, instructional coaches, and curriculum specialists about the instructional materials in the ADI Learning Hub. These professional learning experiences are designed to promote and support district- or school-level adoption of the ADI way of teaching. Organization can bundle several professional learning events along with a subscription to the ADI Learning Hub into one package and provide teachers with everything they need to get started. The classroom resources that are available in the ADI store can also be added to these packages.

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