Teacher Spotlight: Mallory Siddiqui

  • Name: Mallory Siddiqui
  • District: Phoenix Union High School District
  • School: South Mountain High School
  • Grade/Subject: Biology and Chemistry

Q: How did you hear about ADI Online?

A: I received an email with an update of ADI services while virtually teaching.

Q: How much experience did you have with ADI prior to using ADI Online, and how do you think that has affected the way you use the platform?

A: I have been using ADI methodology for several years. I think that understanding the process before using the online platform has been vital to understanding the various activities. I feel the true purpose of the activities can only be understood from having some backing in ADI; without background, I would have found the online platform extremely difficult and nonsensical.

Q: What do you like about the ADI Online platform?

A: I like that the activities are chunked into smaller, methodical steps for the students.

Q: What problems does the ADI Online platform solve for you?

A: It is difficult to encourage deep thinking online. I feel the online platform provides students with that opportunity to expand their thinking rather than participating in direct recall.

Q: What advice do you have for someone who is just getting started with the ADI Online platform?

A: My advice is to understand where your students are in their thinking before beginning to use the online platform. By understanding your students’ needs, you can better tailor/edit the activities to promote success rather than frustration. Also, the online platform will require you to go through the activity before students to prioritize what skills you want to emphasize in an online environment; this is not a tool you can implement and present to students without preparation!