Interview - Emily Kwon Headshot.png

Teacher Spotlight: Emily Kwon

  • Name: Emily Kwon
  • District: Independent
  • School: Emerson School
  • Grade/Subject: 8th Grade Physical Science

Q: How did you hear about ADI Online?

A: Over the summer of 2020 when many schools were preparing to go remote due to the pandemic, I was made aware of ADI Online through communications that I receive via email, as well as on the ADI website.

Q: What made you (or your school/district) go with ADI Online over other options?

A: I am such a fan of the Argument-Driven Inquiry science program. When our school announced that we would be teaching remotely due to the pandemic, I was very excited to learn more about the ADI Online program. I was pleased to discover the rigorous investigations, seamless flow for the students, and facilitation of anonymous peer collaboration.

Q: How much experience did you have with ADI prior to using ADI Online, and how do you think that has affected the way you use the platform?

A: I was first introduced to Argument-Driven Inquiry at the MSTA Conference in the spring of 2019. Previous experience has helped me to quickly acclimate to ADI Online because I was able to visualize what the process would look like if we were face-to-face. The ADI Online platform very closely mimicked the program I am accustomed to in the classroom, and provided me the opportunity to offer it to my virtual students

Q: What do you like about the ADI Online platform?

A: I appreciate that the ADI Online platform provides a variety of investigations to select from that support NGSS standards. It promotes the use of disciplinary core ideas, science and engineering practices and crosscutting concepts that students need to explore and explain the world around them. It allows them to think and work like a scientist!

Q: What problems does the ADI Online platform solve for you?

A: Teaching remotely due to the pandemic, I have greatly missed providing the many hands-on and collaborative experiences I am used to offering. This platform allowed me to easily engage my students in Argument-Driven Inquiry. Students analyze phenomena, plan investigations, analyze data, interpret results, justify their argument based on evidence, and collaboratively communicate with their fellow peers throughout the process.

Q: What challenges have you overcome while using the platform?

A: Within the EduFlow platform that facilitates the ADI Online program, there are a lot of options available to personalize your investigations and tailor it to your needs. It can sometimes be overwhelming when you first begin. I also find it important to mention this curriculum does not come with a teacher resource key, so intended student results must be concluded by the teacher. Recognize with the first investigation there will be a learning curve. It definitely gets easier to administer an investigation as time goes on, and the more you explore.

Q: What advice do you have for someone who is just getting started with the ADI Online platform

A: Take advantage of the support offered from ADI! I have attended informative webinars, engaged in a Zoom Q&A meeting, reached out via email to representatives from ADI when I had questions, as well as tech support from EduFlow. The customer service cannot be beat!