Is Professional Learning Effective?

We’ve all sat around a table with someone explaining the latest initiative in education. The slide deck scrolls, the presenter reads from the screen, and teachers are tasked with figuring out implementation.

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In a recent Twitter poll, we asked teachers what would be most helpful during summer professional development. Here are their responses:

  • 10% voted for the presenter modeling the initiative
  • 10% voted for addressing potential problems with implementation
  • 25% voted for attending content specific PD
  • 55% voted for having time to practice and plan the initiative

A few voters commented “all of the above combined.” Here’s the great part about professional learning with the ADI team, you don’t have to choose! ADI workshops include all the above and more.

How is an ADI Workshop Different than PD?

Our professional learning experiences focus on the use of high-quality instructional materials to make learning experiences more meaningful, rigorous, and equitable. The ADI Workshops are designed with meaningful outcomes for both teacher growth and student success with these 10 key features:

  1. High-quality instructional materials
  2. Modeling what instruction can look like
  3. Content specific
  4. Time for teaching rehearsals
  5. Reflection early and often
  6. Equity in instruction
  7. Provide teachers with feedback
  8. Address potential problems of practice
  9. Examine student thinking
  10. Provide adequate time to learn
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Professional Learning Doesn't Stop After One Session

The ADI team offers supports for Professional Learning Communities (PLC), on-demand zoom coaching, site-based coaching in the classroom, and an ADI mentorship program. Many of our key features such as reflection, feedback, examining student thinking, and adequate time to learn support teachers beyond the initial professional learning session.

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Are You Interested in Learning More About ADI Professional Learning?

Join the ADI team this July for the Facilitator Institute (formerly called Train the Trainer). Experience two investigations through all stages of the ADI model from the student perspective and the teacher perspective. Network with leading educators to reflect, practice, and plan ADI Workshops for your school or district. Experience the difference with ADI professional learning.