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ADI Ambassador Program: Empowering Educators to Lead


The ADI Ambassador Program gives educators opportunities to share their experiences using Argument-Driven Inquiry (ADI) in their classroom with other educators at conferences. Ambassadors receive financial support to attend conferences, where they demonstrate how they integrate ADI into their classrooms or school districts.

Program Highlights

The ADI Ambassador Program awards grants to 10 deserving educators annually. Participating is simple: educators fill out an application form. Once accepted, ambassadors submit presentation proposals highlighting their ADI use to state or regional education conferences.

Upon approval, ambassadors present at the designated conferences, meeting all reimbursement prerequisites. Upon successful completion, they receive reimbursement for registration fees via mail.

Grant Requirements

  • Application acceptance and proposal submission to the conference's website.

  • Submission of presentation PowerPoint to ADI Project Manager at least 30 days before the conference.

  • Self-arranged travel and accommodation arrangements.

  • Delivery of at least one ADI-related session at the conference.

  • Submission of the Ambassador Invoicing Form for reimbursement.

Approval Criteria

Preference is granted to applicants with prior ADI workshop training, diversified presentation proposals, and plans to engage in well-attended conferences. Active social media presence and alignment with ADI's instructional ethos further enhance application viability.

The ADI Ambassador Program empowers educators to amplify the impact of ADI within the educational landscape, fostering enriched learning experiences for students across diverse settings.

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