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Upcoming Webinars

Teacher Talk: ADI Teacher Stories

Join the ADI team as we hear from experienced teachers using ADI in the classroom. Bring your list of questions. The panelist of teachers is ready to share their tips and tricks.

The panelist of teachers includes:

  • Mark Peterson, Benilde-St. Margaret’s School
  • Elizabeth Heinrich, Rushing Middle School
  • Paul McEwan, Hoover High School
  • Jon Gustin, Cherokee High School
  • Micayla De Hoyos, Mayde Creek Junior High School

We encourage you to attend, ask questions, and join in the discussion.

  • Date: May 26, 2022
  • Time: 5:00 - 5:30pm Central

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Previous Webinars

Overviews and Introductions

Promoting Equitable Grading Practices with ADI

We've launched a new Learning Hub dashboard to promote equitable grading practices. Follow as we have a conversation about equitable grading. Find out about our upcoming webinars and view our library of previous conversations. https://www.argumentdriveninquiry.com/webinars ADI Website: https://www.argumentdriveninquiry.com/ ADI Store: https://shop.argumentdriveninquiry.com/

Sense-Making with Phenomenon-Based Investigations

https://www.argumentdriveninquiry.com/ https://www.argumentdriveninquiry.com/learning-hub

Planning Your First Investigation in the Learning Hub

Join the ADI team as we walk through how to plan and configure your first investigation in the Learning Hub. Learn tips and tricks to ensure smooth facilitation of your first investigation.

Webinar - CARES Act

During this webinar, we discuss CARES Act funding for instructional resources, professional learning, and summer STEM camps.

Webinar - ADI Hacks #5 - Writing Assessments and Exit Tickets

In this webinar, we'll talk through some tips and tricks for making the argument board creation and argumentation process go smoothly in a virtual setting.

Webinar - ADI Hack #4 - Types of Investigations

In this webinar, we'll discuss tips and tricks for the tool talk, and go through the different kinds of ADI Investigations.

Webinar - Overview of ADI Online

During this webinar, we'll be showing off the ADI Online platform that can be used to increase student engagement in the practices of science in face to face, hybrid, and fully virtual learning environments. The demonstration will be followed by a Q&A Session.

Webinar - ADI Hacks #3 - Reading Strategies

During this webinar we discuss strategies you can use to support students who are learning at a distance as they read in science class.

Webinar - ADI Hack #2 - Using Lab Materials Safely

In this webinar, we go over pros and cons of various methods of using physical lab materials in the classroom, and then introduce a Lab Safety Checklist that teachers can use to plan their investigations in the classroom.

Webinar - ADI Hack #1 - High Quality Synchronous Discussions

During this webinar, we will talk about facilitating high-quality discussions in a distance-learning environment.

Tweaking Existing ADI Labs for Distance Learning Instruction

In this webinar we give tips for tweaking stage 2 of the ADI process for different investigations from our books.

Engaging Students in ADI Distance Learning, Stages 1-4

In this video, we go over tips and tricks for implementing the first four stages of the ADI process in a distance learning setting.

Engaging Students in ADI Distance Learning in Stage 5-8

ADI Distance Learning Resources can be found on under the Free Resources tab of the website on the Free instructional Resources page

Introduction to Argument Driven Math

In this video we go through the eight-stage instructional model for Argument-Driven Math.

Making the Most out of Distance Learning Experiences

In this webinar we discuss research, techniques, and tools that can help teachers as they teach in an online setting. For more information about ADI, check us out at www.argumentdriveninquiry.com

Introduction to Argument-Driven Engineering for Secondary

In this webinar we discuss the Argument-Driven Engineering process including the stages, and a sample investigation.
Intro to ADI secondary.jpg

Introduction to ADI for Secondary

Introduction to ADI for Secondary, Grades 6-12
Intro to ADI for Elementary.jpg

Introduction to ADI for Elementary

Intro to ADI: Elementary ADI

Secondary Leadership Forum

In this webinar district leaders from around the state of Texas share their experiences rolling out ADI in secondary classrooms.
What is ADI.jpg

What is ADI?

Research on ADI.png

Research on ADI

In this webinar recorded on 10/16, Ashley shows the results in schools and districts where ADI was being used.

Teaching with ADI

Supporting English Language Learners in Stages 1-4 of ADI

In this video we discuss strategies and scaffolds that can be used in Stages 1-4 of the ADI process.

Supporting English Learners in Stages 5-8 of ADI

In this video we discuss strategies and scaffolds that can be used in Stages 5-8 of the ADI process.

Investigation Proposals

In this webinar we go over the purpose for each type of proposal, how to help students write better proposals, and what to look for when using proposals as a formative assessment.
Using Pocket Lab.jpg

Using PocketLab with ADI

Learn more about integrating Argument-Driven Inquiry (ADI) data collection and analysis with PocketLab. Recorded Oct. 29, 2019

Q and A with an ADI Teacher

In this webinar we interview teacher Paul McEwan about how he uses ADI in his own classroom!

Grading Strategies

In this webinar we discuss grading strategies that you can use to assess students as they go through the eight stages of ADI!
Building Classroom Culture.jpg

Building Classroom Culture

Establishing classroom norms that enable students to engage in scientific discourse and argumentation in small group, whole group, and peer review situations.
Incorporating ADI into your Larger Planning.jpg

Integrating ADI into your Larger Planning

In this webinar, we go over things to think about when planning the what, when, and how of ADI labs in your curriculum.
Using Peergrade with ADI for paperless peer review.jpg

Paperless Peer Review with Peergrade

How to use Peergrade for a paperless Stage 7 (Double-Blind Group Peer Review).
Taking the Worry out of ADI.jpg

Taking the Worry Out of ADI

In this webinar, we troubleshoot some of common issues teachers encounter when rolling out ADI.
Scaffolding for Success.jpg

Scaffolding for Success

Improve your ADI investigations by using the right scaffolds at the right time. Several scaffolds are available for free on our website and others are available for purchase on our store.