+ Requirements

Every organization or district that offers professional development for educators about Argument-Driven Inquiry (ADI) must have a license to offer ADI workshops. Any individual trainer who facilitates an ADI workshop for her/his organization or district must also be a certified ADI trainer. Individuals can become a certified ADI trainer by completing an ADI Train the Trainer Institute.

+ ​Grant of Rights

Each license grants the licensee the right to offer 100-level ADI workshops. Each license is valid for two (2) years from the date of issue. Licenses must be renewed after the two-year period if you wish to continue using the ADI Training Materials.

+ License Fees

The license fee is included in your Train the Trainer participant fee. Each license allows your organization or district to train up to 200 teachers. If you plan on training more than 200 teachers in a two-year period, additional licenses can be purchased for $350.00. Each additional license allows you to train an additional 200 teachers. A license must be paid for and the licensing agreement must be signed and submitted to ADI before a representative from an organization or district can complete an ADI Train-the-Trainer Institute.

+ Reporting Requirements

Every licensed organization must make a yearly report (due on the anniversary of original license agreement) to ADI stating the number of workshops offered during the past year, dates of each workshop, number of participants, and identify the leaders of each workshop. The names and email addresses of participants must also be sent in this report. If a Licensee does not submit a report, it will be considered to be in breach of the agreement and subject to termination.

*Licenses are available for non-profit organizations that train teachers or school districts.